Acne Scarring

December 14th, 2005

Acne Scarring in its simplest terms refers to scars that form at the site of an injury to tissue. They are visible reminders of injury and tissue repair. In the case of acne the injury is caused by the body’s inflammatory response to sebum, bacteria and dead cells in the plugged sebaceous follicle. strong magnet


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There are two types of true acne scars that exist: depressed areas such as ice pick scars, and raised thickened tissue such as keloids. When tissue suffers an injury, the body rushes its repair kit to the injury site. Among the elements of the repair kit are white blood cells and an array of inflammatory molecules that have the task of repairing tissue and fighting infection. However, when their job is done they may leave a somewhat messy repair site in the form of fibrous scar tissue, or eroded tissue. strong magnet

There are various methods that can be done for those that already have acne scars. Dermabrasion and laser surgery can be performed but are very costly and usually need to be done a couple times. Your best bet is to prevent your acne from becoming Nodulocystic that is most likely to result in scarring. strong magnet

Actimine uses natural ingredients to fight off Acne from the inside out! Actimine focuses on the removal of Acne all over your body using natural herbs, vitamins and minerals that are all found within the pill. formexplode

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Back Acne

December 13th, 2005

Unfortunately, your face is not the only area that becomes bombarded with Acne. Back Acne or ‘bacne’ for short is not an uncommon place to get acne; in fact it’s probably as common as face acne. Sadly, back acne is much harder to treat than face Acne as the nodules and cysts found on the back are much deeper under the skin and generally require a stronger method to remove the acne.

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Minor Back Acne does not pose any serious health risks but cystic back acne can cause severe acne scarring. Again back acne is harder to treat even with topical lotions as it’s almost impossible to cover all the affected areas of your skin (unless someone else applies the lotion for you). The acne on your back is almost constantly being irritated because of backpacks, clothing, leaning against chairs etc. When your acne is constantly being irritated inflammation sets in and makes the acne look a lot worse than it actually is. So what are you to do about it?

Well, you will definitely need a stronger acne system then just a daily face cleanser. Usually a 3 step method (Derma Pure offers this) can help reduce swelling and clean deep within your pores. If this method proves in effective a high concentration of benzoyl peroxide may need to be applied as well (keep in mind that benzoyl peroxide bleaches fabrics).

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Herbal Acne Pills

December 8th, 2005

Herbal Acne Medications are available in a wide variety of products including pills, topical lotions, and foods and even in some drinks! There is no proof that one system will work better than another, but time and time again Phytome Nutrition has proven effective. Phytome Nutrition comes in an easy to swallow gel capsule and is to be taken once daily with food. Phytome Nutrition will provide you with a safe effective treatment for all cases/severities of acne. Its all natural qualities have been formulated to heal blemishes and promote a radiant complexion!

phytome nutrition

Phytome Nutrition is an all natural Herbal Acne Pill that will work to clear your skin!

Phytome Nutrition does not need to be taken forever unlike other systems that work to solve your current acne and do not remove acne at its source. Most people see optimal results in a one to 3 month period and after this time they do not need to use this system again. For most, the initial treatment of Phytome Nutrition is the most important. While it’s recommended that you use Phytome Nutrition a few months out of the year as maintenance, it is not necessary.

If you’re looking for one of the best herbal acne pills on the market, than you should seriously consider Phytome Nutrition!

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